Hello my name is Jason
My previous job was working onboard cruise ships as a navigation officer in the merchant navy
In 2016 I moved in with my fiancee to a little village called “Barmby-On-The-Marsh” near Howden
I have experience of working with a large variety of animals including small and large dogs
I love being outdoors in the fresh air, walking and exploring new areas with my 2 dogs who also love being out with me
I am pleased that I can now offer my services as a dog walker and trainer to yourself and I very much look forward to meeting you and working with you and your lovely pet(s)


The van will always be maintained to the highest of safety standards and cleanliness. New cages are being installed in FEB 2021 and will be kept clean, tidy and in full working order. The dogs will be transported in separate cages unless the dogs are from the same households or the owners specifically give consent for their dogs to travel with others
The dogs will only be in the van for the very minimum amount of time possible, so that the whole experience is enjoyable for them and it doesn’t just feel like a car journey
During the warmer weather the van will be kept as cool as possible to keep the dogs as comfortable as possible

Special Events

Periodcally I will be running special events such as doggy beach days, where I take your lovely dog(s) to the beach and let them play in the sand and sea. Once they are done playing, I shall wash them with fresh water and dry them. If their dietry requirements allow I will try find an ice cream shop that does dog friendly ice cream to finish off the day
Trips to beautiful places such as the national trusts will give your dog(s) a fantastic day out exploring new beautiful open areas, along with supporting the history of our country and the wildlife within it